Our camp was established & founded by Steve & Sandy Jensen in 1985 and over the past 31 years the campus has evolved into one of the finest hockey training centers in the entire world. In 1997, the Jensens built a brand new ice arena immediately adjacent to the dining room, weight room, dormitory and condos. During the spring of 2003, the Jensens constructed a 100 foot giant water slide on Portage Lake. In 2010, an impressive 60 foot skating ramp was added to the dry-land training center. A new, cozy, rink-side condo, nestled in a beautiful north-woods setting, was constructed in 2012. In the summer of 2013, we became the first & only hockey camp to ever offer tree house lodging for campers & family members. For the summer of 2015, we added the new Summit Express waterslide.


The mission of Heartland Hockey Camp is to provide world class hockey instruction and a wonderful wide variety of waterfront activities for hockey players worldwide, while enhancing the spiritual well being & emotional growth of each individual camper.


Each unique feature of our camp is connected and related to each other in an inspiring web that ultimately creates "Heartland Hockey Camp". These are not concepts we simply post on our walls, they are distinguishing features that we live by each day. It's why we continue to be the leaders in the hockey camp industry, after 3 decades of success!


You learn the true meaning of diversity while at our camp and we place a strong focus on appreciating each camper's diverse value. We attract over 1,000 hockey players each year, from all over the world. During the summer of 2014, we attracted players from 44 states in the USA, Canada, Scotland, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia & the Bahamas. We embrace diversity and celebrate the uniqueness that each individual has to offer. Friendships at camp are based on honesty, being helpful and a deep sense of caring. Our camp teaches each participant the importance of being responsible for his or her actions. We place a very strong emphasis on making new friends with fellow campers and creating comradeship between coaches & campers.


Safety is kept as our top priority. We take great pride in knowing that Heartland Hockey Camp is a very safe, secure & structured environment that is closely monitored and supervised by enthusiastic, well-qualified & highly motivated staff members. We strive to be the best and encourage others to do the same. We have high standards and bring with us a tremendous amount of knowledge, expertise and commitment. Our camp environment requires a great deal of cooperation and a positive attitude, as we challenge our campers to go beyond their pre-conceived limitations.


Inspiration, spirit and enthusiasm at camp help create an environment that yields lots of fun. Over the last 30 years, our research has shown that having lots of fun is a valuable tool and a successful approach to motivating each camper to train at a higher level ever imagined.


Our camp experience is designed to help children mature socially, grow emotionally, expand intellectually and most important of all, soar spiritually! It is our aim to build each & every camper's confidence, esteem & self respect.


  1. Our entire campus is exclusively reserved for our camp clientele only.

  2. No other hockey camp offers more ice time, each camper has the option of 6 hours each day

  3. We offer the widest variety of recreational activities, on 1,800 feet of private lakeshore property

  4. No other hockey camp can match the convenience of our self-contained property

  5. Our expert fishing guides, Logan Peterson & Mike Knoke, will show you the secret hot spots on Portage Lake.

  6. The only hockey camp in the world with it's own private mini golf course.


    Below you will find a floor plan of our dormitory, apartments, dining room & weight-room. Click to enlarge.