Our privately owned ice arena is the only hockey rink in the world that is only open in the summer months. Our rink is operated and under the management of Sean Rekeny and this will be Sean's 12th summer of service at the Heartland Hockey Camp. Sean is from Muskegon, Michigan and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, expertise and professionalism to our rink operations. We are very proud to say that Sean provides our camper clientele with the most-safe and excellent ice conditions found in the hockey camp industry. Since the age of 14, Sean has worked for various ice arenas including the Lakeshore Sports Centre, in Muskegon, for the past 13 years. Now at the age of 32, he has earned his way into managing one of the finest hockey camp facilities in the entire world. Sean takes great pride in maintaining a level, smooth and speedy hockey rink surface. He maintains an ice surface temperature that averages 19 degrees which makes for ideal hockey playing conditions. Sean is also responsible for maintaining a clean, safe & comfortable air quality environment. All campers and parents may rest assured that our ice arena air quality is the cleanest and safest found in any ice arena worldwide. Sean looks forward to the summer of 2016 & providing all of our campers with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

The summer of 2016 promises to be an exciting and enjoyable experience, as our new arena has finally been completed. Our state-of-the-art facility includes 8 large locker rooms with private lockers and name plates, a brand new pro shop, private shower facilities, a new video arcade, and a spacious new viewing area in the upper mezzanine. In addition we have added a new sound system, a new scoreboard, new crystaplex boards and tempered glass, a new high-pressured sodium lighting system, and a new high-tech dexiccant dehumidifier. We have also increased our roof pitch to a maximum height of 38 feet, allowing for less play interruption during games, tournaments and scrimmages.

State of the Art - The Heartland Jumbo-tron

The Heartland Jumbo-tron was installed at the Heartland Hockey Camp on Aug. 9, 2005. This training device was designed solely for the use of the hockey camp instructional staff to better evaluate camper performance. With this new high-tech, unique feature, we can now give all our clients immediate on-ice correction, applying bio-mechanical analysis of skating techniques, along with proper shooting and body checking form. We have also found the Heartland Jumbotron to be a valuable device when reviewing scrimmages and team play, as we can instantaneously correct positional play and we can also properly evaluate decision-making plays while carrying the puck. No other hockey camp in the world can offer you this feature! All of this and much, much more for you to enjoy during the summer of 2015 at Heartland Hockey Camp. NORTH AMERICA'S HOCKEY HAVEN!! Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what to expect.

View From Behind the Net

Behind the Net

View Toward Mezzanine

Outside View

Above and Below are outside Views of our Ice facility

Outside View

Aerial view of our facility