The Most Frequently Asked Question:

“Which camp is right for me?”

We have fours levels of youth hockey camps available to you in 2016 as well as a camp for Goalies, and an Adult session.

Heartland Skills Camps 2016 (Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wee and Girls)

Our Skills Camps are for players of all skill levels, including beginners, intermediate and advanced players. The Skills program will feature a strong emphasis on power skating, power shooting, creative stick handling and basic passing drills. At the Pee-Wee level, we will also place a very high priority on body checking instruction, including how to give and take a body check. We will demonstrate the dangers of checking along the boards and help players better understand preventative methods to avoid serious injury as a result of giving or receiving a body check.

Heartland Select Camps 2016 (Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wee, Bantam, and High School)

Our Select Camps are designed to provide opportunities for players who have a very strong desire to reach a higher level of competition and skill development. The Select Camps are reserved for intermediate to advanced level players only! We are seeking players that are coachable, and display a positive attitude. In addition, we hope to attract dedicated athletes that are cooperative, attentive and disciplined. The criteria above, along with a minimum of 3 years of playing experience and a letter of recommendation from someone within your organization. The training format will consist of high-speed European flow drills, development of a quick transition game, top level offensive and defensive strategies, utilization of gap control and much, much more! This program is for travel players with average to above average basic hockey skills. This program in not available for beginners.

Heartland Super Select Camps 2016 (Pee-Wee, Bantam, Girls Super Select and High School)

Owner and Director Steve Jensen is pleased to offer the 2016 Heartland Super Select Hockey Camps. These Super Select Camps will be offered to Squirt, Pee-Wee, Bantam and High School players. These camps are designed to provide opportunities for players who feel they are at the top of their game and desire world-class coaching and competition. All sessions will be directed by camp owner, Steve Jensen. Steve is a full-time teaching professional with over 35 years of in- struction experience, including 13 years of experience playing International and NHL hockey, 5 U.S. National teams, and 30 years as Executive Director of the Heartland Hockey Camps. At the college level, he was a participant in 2 NCAA finals, helping win the National Championship in 1975 while playing at Michigan Tech University. For two consecutive years, Steve was named to the NCAA All-Tournament Team. He started his professional career in his hometown with the Minnesota North Stars. Then, he played four years with the Los Angeles Kings, where he became the fifth American in NHL history to score more than 100 career goals. At the time Steve retired from the NHL, he was the leading scorer among all the active American-born players in the National Hockey League. Steve also has extensive experience in International hockey. As a member of the 1976 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, he led the team in scoring with 52 goals. Steve also spent 4 seasons playing and coaching in the professional leagues of Switzerland and Austria. During the Super Select Camps, Steve will be placing a high emphasis on advanced North American and European development play. To qualify for the Super Select Camps, it will be required that each player skates well both forward and backward, handles the puck well while skating and reads and reacts to the team play quickly and understandably.

Heartland AAA Camps 2016 (Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wee, and Bantam)

Once again, during the summer of 2016, we will be offering accelerated AAA programs for the Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wees and Bantams. Head coach for these four programs will be Steve Jensen. Steve has extensive experience as head coach at Heartland Hockey Camp and playing professionally in both North America and Europe. To qualify for these four programs, you either must have prior AAA experience or receive a written/verbal invitation from Coach Steve. All players attending these camps must be proficient at both forward and backward crossovers with and without the puck, must be able to read the play well while controlling the puck and find the open man, must be able to pass the puck accurately to an open teammate and must understand positional play very well. To learn more, please email

Goalie Training Camp 2016

The Goalie Camp will be directed by Robb Stauber of Stauber’s Goalcrease. Robb is a former State of Hockey Hobey Baker winner and played in the NHL for the LA Kings. To learn more about Robb, go to This will be Robb’s third year as the director of the Heartland Hockey Goalie Camp. The Goalie Camp will also feature a guest appearance by former NHL, two-time Stanley Cup winner, Glen Resch.

Father/Son & Mother/Daughter Camps

Mom and dads are invited to bring their skates, as we invite you to join our staff and your son/daughter in all of the camp activities. It is a great way to enjoy a father/son or mother/daughter get away. We pioneered this program at the Mite level 25 years ago. Due to the over-whelming response we are now offering the same option to parents of players of all ages. Please understand that this is an optional program. It is not a requirement that moms and dads attend our camp with Mites, Squirts, or Pee-Wees. Mites, Squirts and Pee-Wees that have a desire to attend camp with- out a mom/dad are encouraged to do so. For moms/dads wishing to attend camp with their son/daughter, you may do so for a fee of $1,100.00. This fee covers your meals, lodging, recreational Laser Speed Testing activities, off-ice and on-ice training sessions. For parents not wishing to participate in the on-ice activities, your fee will be $900.00. Parents staying off-site wishing to skate and eat meals, the cost will be $1,000.00.

Heartland Adult Camp

The Heartland Adult Camp is offered to players 18 years of age and older. Players of all skill levels are welcome into our program. We offer three skill groups to choose from: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Each group is limited to 30 skaters and two goalies. All adult campers will have the option of seven hours of ice time each day! Level 1 groups will consist of beginners, novice and low-level intermediate players. Level 2 groups are intermediate level and low-level advanced players. Level 3 is for advanced level players only. Each group will receive 1.25 hours training sessions in the morning and the afternoon. There will be a one-hour instructional scrimmage for each group in the early evening. There will also be 3.5 hours of optional ice time every night from 8:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. for private lessons, specialized clinics, skill development and pickup games. We will also conduct a very comprehensive and educational classroom/video review session each day utilizing our new high-tech, simultaneous video analysis system.

Typical skill level test scores from the 2014 Adult Camp.

There will be a one-hour power shooting session each day utilizing our radar guns and electronic display modules. Optional recreational activities include swimming, water skiing, boating, fishing, golf, tennis and roller hockey. On-ice training sessions will emphasize improving individual hockey skills including skating, passing, shooting, stick handling, etc. We will also focus on team play, as all campers will be taught effective offensive attacks, successful defensive strategies and learn from critiqued, video-taped team scrimmages.

Girls/Women Camps

The Girls/Women Camp is entering its 25th year at Heartland. The camp is designed strictly for girls and women of all ages and skill groups. All campers will be grouped accordingly during on-ice training sessions. The Girls/Women Camp will follow the same schedule as the boys. The Girls Camps will be directed by current D-I college players Sydney O’Keefe and Lindsey Domaas.